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‘Ex-Gay’ Freedom March Cynically Rebrands After Founder Flounders

The Freedom March is a right-wing Christian fundamentalist organization that exists to help LGBTQ people “pray away the gay.” They also claim to help people transition out of being trans. So, it was a really bad day for the Freedom March when its founder, Jeffrey McCall, announced online that he was hooking up with multiple men.

Freedom March told the world that he was healed. They sold the lie that Jesus cured him. When Jeffrey McCall said he was straight – we didn’t know he meant straight to bed with men.

It gets worse for the Freedom March.

McCall recently announced that she was transgender and came out as Scarlett. So, Scarlett is the new name and gender identity of the Freedom March’s founder. This group’s “gay cure” worked so well, that their founder tried to “pray away the gay” and somehow became significantly gayer.

Those thoughts and prayers are always so effective.

When they promised Jeffrey McCall was transformed by Christ, I don’t think this is what they meant. Instead of transformation, they got transition. When the Freedom March was exposed as a bunch of grifting hucksters who rip off their clients by selling snake oil cures, they should have wallowed in shame and disbanded. That would have been the moral and ethical thing to do. But there is no shame for the shameless, and there is way too much profit in peddling “ex-gay” poison to vulnerable and desperate people who are taught to hate themselves.

So, these con artists decided to rebrand in time for Pride Month. After McCall’s transition, Freedom March made a transition of its own. The grifting group is now presenting as Rainbow Revival. They are hoping that by changing their soiled, discredited name, people will forget, or lack knowledge, of their past follies and failures.


Watch an excerpt from their ridiculous new online promotional video by clicking our video at the top of the page. It’s disgusting the way the Freedom March culturally appropriates LGBTQ Pride symbols for their deeply homophobic, completely fraudulent and ultimately failed organization. It’s grotesque how they deface the rainbow flag to push their right-wing anti-LGBTQ agenda.

They cynically incorporated gay dance music into their video, to make their celibacy cult look like a fun gay nightclub. Clearly, Freedom March, (ahhm) Rainbow Revival, is targeting young people and trying to trick them into thinking they can change. Rainbow Revival is attempting to co-opt gay pride symbols to make sexual frustration, desperate loneliness and depressing despair look fun and fashionable. Trust me, it’s not.

Here is the truth: What this hoax-of-a-group is peddling offers no happy endings and is a dead-end road. The Rainbow Revival can dress up its image all they want, but never forget their founder, Jeffrey McCall, ended up in a dress. She is now known as Scarlett – which means that Freedom March should have been gone with the wind.

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