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Ep. 24 – Fighting Antisemitism, Homophobia and Holding Allies Accountable – The Wayne Besen Show


On today’s show, the Respect for Marriage Act passed Congress, giving new protections for same-sex marriage. During the debate, Republican Congresswoman, Vicky Hartzler, gave a weepy, histrionic speech opposing the bill. Fortunately, Andrew Hartzler, her gay nephew, took her to task on TikTok. You must see this, it’s amazing.

In the next segment, we talk about how right-wing efforts to protect Christian’s ability to discriminate might backfire. What happens when Americans don’t want to serve them? Be careful what you wish for…

Then, we praise the Biden Administration for bringing home Russian hostage and basketball star Brittney Griner. We take on the right wing’s hypocrisy for opposing her release, while cheerleading President Trump’s release of Taliban terrorists.

We address Sen. Kyrsten Sinema leaving the Democratic Party. While she framed her betrayal as independence, it was really self-indulgence.

The show discusses Sen. Raphael Warnock defeating Herschel Walker in the Georgia runoff. It has apparently set off soul searching in a Republican Party that had sold its soul decades ago.

We talk about another FOX News host insulting women. Then, we delve into how basketball star Kyrie Irving’s antisemitism cost him a lucrative shoe contract with Nike.

Then, State Rep. Joe Harding, a moralizing scold and sponsor of Florida’s notorious “Don’t Say Gay” bill, was charged this week by the Department of Justice with defrauding the Small Business Administration of $150,000. He faces up to 35-years in prison. Great to see more GOP “values” on display.

Next, we talk about the hypocrisy of Vladimir Putin backing a new law that stops “LGBTQ Propaganda.” This from a brutal dictator who forces his people to call the bloody war in Ukraine a “Special Military Operation”.

We also discuss Putin’s drunken public appearance, where he spewed various conspiracy theories. This included a bizarre monologue about how the West kills zoo animals in front of children.

Then we move to Trump’s anti-Semitism. He’s now launching vicious attacks against Jewish people for speaking out against his white supremacist supper with Nick Fuentes and Kanye West.

Next, we discuss why it is inappropriate to inject the Palestinian issue into conversations about American Jews. We are from the U.S. and don’t necessarily have influence with policies of separate country. Assuming we do is antisemitism.

Finally, we talk about the necessity of sometimes holding our political allies accountable. In this case, we slam LGBTQ organizations that knowingly peddled the conversion therapy survivor story of Sam Brinton, that had enormous red flags from the start.

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