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Former WCPT Talk Show Host Announces Discrimination Complaint with NLRB Against Newsweb’s WCPT-AM for Union Retaliation


Former WCPT Talk Show Host Announces Discrimination Complaint with NLRB Against Newsweb’s WCPT-AM for Union Retaliation

Besen Also Alleges Extreme Pressure to Renounce Endorsement of Bernie Sanders in Favor of Hillary Clinton

CHICAGO – Former WCPT-AM 820 talk show host Wayne Besen announced on Facebook Live today that he has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board against WCPT’s parent company Newsweb. He alleges that station President Charley Gross and owner Fred Eychaner fired him last Friday for his desire to join the union, despite the popularity and success of his show.

The dismissal occurred two weeks before Besen was the lead witness in a hearing where WCPT was accused of undermining and circumventing the union. SAG-AFTRA claimed that Besen’s position was one that was covered by the union, while WCPT falsely claimed that

Fred Eychaner

Fred Eychaner

he was an independent contractor – in spite of their numerous efforts to control content. The union contends that WCPT engaged in direct dealing with Besen and engaged in strong-arm tactics to keep him from joining the union.

“It is unconscionable that WCPT behaved in such a deceitful and hostile manner to union organizing while claiming to be a progressive station,” said Wayne Besen, who hosted The Wayne Besen Show from July 2015 until last Friday. “I will continue to speak the truth and stand up with the union against this injustice.”

Besen also alleged that WCPT pressured him to drop his support of Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post reports that Fred Eychaner gave $25 million to The Clinton Foundation.

The day after Sander’s big New Hampshire victory – Besen said on-air that Sanders had an outside chance to win. This incensed Gross and he informed Besen that it also upset Fred Eychaner.

“In my view, they set out to punish me,” Besen alleges. “Gross demanded that I cease talking about all national issues and start doing a hyper-local show – because that would preclude me from talking about the Clinton/Sanders race.

“Gross ordered the WCPT production team to no longer cut national promos for my show. All promos from that point forward were of me discussing local issues – which was false advertising for the show’s actual content, which had always been a mix of local, state, and national news.”

The harassment reached a crescendo, Besen asserts, when Clinton won the contentious New York primary and Charley Gross emailed Besen at night asking him if he was ready to support Hillary Clinton.

For the record – Besen’s show had literally hundreds of hours of discussions of local issues. In his final week, Besen discussed, for example, the disproportionate ticketing of African American bikers in Chicago and a bill to legalize recreational cannabis in Illinois. He also interviewed state comptroller Susana Mendoza and State Sen. Daniel Biss, who is running for governor.

On its website, WCPT writes: “We are one of the last independently owned radio stations in the country. Because we are not part of a conglomerate, our hosts have the freedom to speak their minds… and speak they do.”

“Clearly, WCPT is insincere and makes a mockery of their own assertion to allow hosts to speak their mind. They are able to speak freely only if they parrot Fred Eychaner’s political views and act as his public relations agent.”

Wayne Besen is the founder and Executive Director of Truth Wins Out, an organization that monitors the extreme right and fights for LGBT equality. The website is



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11 Responses to Former WCPT Talk Show Host Announces Discrimination Complaint with NLRB Against Newsweb’s WCPT-AM for Union Retaliation

  1. Rena Baker says:

    If this is true, it is unbelievable. You were the one true host that spoke honestly. I believed you while you were on the air. Unions are important. I will boycott the hours your show is on and I will follow you on FB live. I’ve already contacted the owner.

  2. […] presidential race last year because Newsweb owner Fred Eychaner was a major Clinton donor. (Read his statement here.) Besen was replaced from 2 to 5 p.m. weekdays on WCPT by Ben Joravsky, political writer for the […]

  3. Tatiana says:

    Bring Wayne back to radio! Chicago needs you!

  4. Wayne glad you are Fighting back, Hillary did win Michigan but GOP is good at shaving points and chiseling and cheating on every level
    If ballots in all precincts were fairly tabulated in the USA Hillary would be President now and you would still be at wcpt.

    • Judy Foster says:

      Dear Wayne,
      That fellow, John Gunnerson, who wrote in on April 2, was absolutely
      right on. The GOP is good at cheating on every level. I feel the same way.
      If Hillary had won(which she actually did win,) you would still be at WCPT.
      Your replacement at WCPT is very Ho-Hum. I can’t listen in that time slot
      anymore. Love you Wayne.

  5. Donald Barnett says:

    The reasoning for your dismissal didn’t really add up before I read this. A new show only on Chicago issues, sort of turns its backs on listeners outside of the city. It seems like a bad business move to deliberately lower your customer base. I know that I’ve stopped listening during that time slot. I had a feeling there was much more to the story then originally let on. Give them hell.

  6. Mary says:

    Wayne Besen was one of the best radio host. I listened to him everyday without fail. He is very smart and did not pull any punches . I have not and will not listen to anyone who fills his time slot.

  7. Mercel says:

    I have listened to wcpt from the very beginning and listened to air america when the first switch was thrown to broadcast. I am a talk show junkie, die hard liberal and Democrat. I think Wayne was a true gift to your airwaves and am very very unhappy that he is no longer there. I think the devoted listeners have been very much disrespected. Wayne is in a class by himself. We would be very appreciative if you settled your differences and brought him back and might I add with an increase in pay. The new host Ben Jarosaky is not bad, but after having listened to Wayne he does not cut it.

  8. Karen Rasmussen says:

    Dear Wayne,
    My husband & I were shocked and saddened to hear of your departure from WCPT.
    We always valued your honesty to speak truth to power, and your deep knowledge and understanding of the subjects you handled. We will miss all that, plus your good sense of humor!
    You also had great chemistry with Dennis too!
    Good Luck & Best Wishes Always,
    Karen R. from Wisconsin

  9. Vin says:

    You took ownership of that time slot very well. Really enjoyed you letting other points of view on and debating them. I try and listen now but it really isn’t the same. I love Chicago but that new format driven from the top is short sided. Hope to here you broadcast again soon. Just be sure to be on Tune In radio. Take care and good luck.

  10. Keith says:

    Bring Wayne besen back to radio at wcpt he had a great program and was very informative

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