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Immigration Charade: GOP Elevates Gutter Politics Over National Security

Potential Border Standoff Highlights Republican Threat to America’s Stability

 From the moment Joe Biden vanquished Donald Trump, opportunistic Republicans have breathlessly howled that the border is a national emergency. Yet, when a solution was at hand this week, House Republicans gave it a backhand and swatted it away at the behest of their presumed presidential nominee Donald Trump.

CNN reported today that House Speaker Mike Johnson released a letter warning that an emerging Senate deal to address the border, in exchange for $106 billion in military assistance for Israel, Ukraine and Indo-Pacific nations, was “dead on arrival” in the dysfunctional House.

MAGA Republicans soured on the deal after Trump made it clear that he prefers pandemonium at the border, so he can exploit it as a campaign issue. The episode shows stunning Republican cynicism and highlights how little they care about fixing America’s problems.

In a self-aggrandizing statement, Trump wrote, “What is currently being worked on in the Senate will be meaningless in terms of Border Security and Closure,” adding that the “ONLY HOPE” for a secure border is voting for him.

Trump’s despicable behavior, and that of his spineless Republican lackeys in the House, was so transparently outrageous and unpatriotic, that even Rupert Murdoch’s conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board expressed its disgust:

President Biden would claim, with cause, that Republicans want border chaos as an election issue rather than solving the problem. Voter anger may over time move from Mr. Biden to the GOP, and the public will have a point. Cynical is the only word that fits Republicans panning a border deal whose details aren’t even known.

If the GOP blocks the bill in either the Senate or the House, it will share responsibility for whatever happens next in Ukraine. Kyiv’s defeat will be signed with the party’s signature. Do Republicans want to sponsor the 2024 equivalent of Saigon 1975?

In frustration, Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) remarked, “There are some people that oppose the bill, based on the presidential politics issue, rather than the crisis that’s actually occurring at the border.”

Sen. Thom Tillis, (R-N.C.) was even more explicit in criticism of his deranged Party. “It is immoral for me to think you looked the other way because you think this is the linchpin for President Trump to win,” he said.

MAGA Republicans don’t care about finding reasonable answers. They are a pathetic, careening clown car staging Border Broadway, when, in reality, they only use this polarizing issue to bash President Biden, solicit donations from suckers and deploy demagoguery to woo angry voters.

Meanwhile, Speaker Johnson is steaming ahead with efforts to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his alleged bungling at the border. The preening Johnson is justifying his witch hunt by claiming it’s a “necessity” to defend American sovereignty. Yet, when it came time this week to take genuine action, the Weasel of the House caved the moment King Trump raged. Has there ever been a weaker, more supine Speaker? Johnson is so useless he makes his groveling predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, look like Winston Churchill.

Sadly, today’s GOP has quit believing in democracy and surrendered the free world to the thuggish boot of authoritarianism. They are carelessly selling Ukraine down the river to Putin and blithely endangering the future of Western Europe. This unseemly capitulation is likely to draw the United States into a catastrophic war, down the road, with a victorious and emboldened Russia, costing the lives of countless Americans. Every drop of blood that drips will be on Republican hands, as they do their best Neville Chamberlain impersonation. Although, this is an unfair comparison, because at least Chamberlain had good intentions.

If selling out the free world for the most petty and parochial concerns weren’t wretched enough, state-level MAGA Republicans are exploiting the border to destabilize America and agitate for a dangerous confrontation with the federal government.

On Wednesday, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott skated on the edge of sedition by rejecting a Supreme Court ruling that declared federal authorities are permitted to tear down a barbed wire obstacle Texas illegally constructed on the border. The renegade governor accused President Joe Biden of having “broken the compact” between the US and Texas and arrogantly, “declared an invasion under Article I, § 10, Clause 3 to invoke Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself. That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary.”

Abbott’s reckless action sparked concerns of a potential federal standoff with armed militias and rebellious federalized state Guard members. Across America, MAGA extremists dumped fuel on this growing dumpster fire. Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem wasted no time pledging to do her part to subvert our divided nation.

“I’ll drive in more razor wire from South Dakota if I have to, for [Abbott] to do his job,” Noem said in an appearance on Fox News…”It is time to stand our ground, and we’ll be down there standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Gov. Abbott.”

Former FOX News blowhard, Tucker Carlson, stirred the pot by interviewing Gov. Abbott who claimed ten states have sent national guard members to the Texas border. Abbot claimed he is “prepared” for a conflict with federal authorities.

Oklahoma’s Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt told Newsmax, “We certainly stand with Texas on the right to defend themselves, but Biden’s gonna be in a tough situation, so in other words, he’s going to try to federalize these troops. And, of course, I think a lot of Texans in the National Guard would be in a difficult situation to protect their homeland or to follow what Biden’s saying. I think it will be very interesting.”

This combustible situation, where state leaders seem to be agitating for Civil War, has the possibility of spinning out of control and spiraling into a January 6-style situation – or worse. A convoy of angry Christian truckers is headed down to the border to rabble rouse and threaten violence against federal troops if a confrontation arises. Vice News reports:

“Take Our Border Back” convoy have called themselves “God’s army” and say they’re on a mission to stand up against the “globalists” who they claim are conspiring to keep U.S. borders open and destroy the country.

What these treasonous MAGA governors, and their ruffian goons, don’t understand is that the very moment they take up arms against the federal government, they surrender their power and station. If they no longer pledge allegiance to the United States Constitution, why should state residents, who identify first as Americans, take orders from, or pay taxes to, insurrectionist state regimes? Is a governor, or state actor, engaged in open defiance and aggressive rebellion against our country still a legitimate constitutional officer? I don’t think so.

I’m from Florida, but if Gov. Ron DeSantis activates troops against Uncle Sam using our state tax dollars, I’m standing with Team America, as would millions of other state residents. An American citizenship and national identity far supersede any imagined loyalty or authority of some local yokel wannabe tyrant who fancies himself or herself Jefferson Davis 2.0.

These big-mouthed governors, bloviating on right wing media, talk a good game on immigration reform and pretend it’s an issue they care about solving. But the House GOP, under the direction of Donald Trump, just gave away their game. The border is a nothing but a contemptuous way for GOP phonies to manufacture racism, raise a fortune and win elections by pretending to be tough.

When MAGA cult members had a chance to fix the border, they sandbagged a good deal in Congress. There is no group in America that is working harder to turn the border into pure anarchy. MAGA stands for destruction and obstruction, and nothing greater or more noble. These fanatics and frauds don’t want to fix problems–they ARE the festering problem.

There is still time for House Republicans to act sensible, but if they opt for senseless, voters must remember their unAmerican, hypocritical posturing on immigration reform when they head to the polls in November.

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