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The Wayne Besen Show: Mike Huckabee Cons Christians


The Wayne Besen Show slams presidential candidate Mike Huckabee for suggesting that Barack Obama is a fake Christian. In reality, Mike Huckabee has conned Christians and skirted ethics laws his entire slippery career.

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4 Responses to The Wayne Besen Show: Mike Huckabee Cons Christians

  1. Rena Baker says:

    I love the Wayne been show. Miss you dearly

  2. Bob duvall says:

    I think the show was cancelled because he attacked the governor calling play by play what Rauner and Griffin were doing in an attempt to turn our state from reliably blue to purple and eventually red. Governor made a phone call and made a promise or two to the powers to be at the station and all of a sudden the show was canceled out of the blue. When he comes to the host, one cannot be more local than wayne. Out of five days of broadcast at three hours a week day all wayne did was promoting Chicago politics and Chicago business. I think that if the people that called themselves a besen fan can stop listening to wcpt during 2 to 5 hour on weekdays they will realize that after a dip in the audience rating that this is not the way to go. If you want progressive content just listen thru the Internet and sirius. The rest of the hosts are all on sirius and ktnf or other stations.

  3. Trish driscoll says:

    You were the fairest,most articulate voice on WCPT. All that’s left for we liberal thinkers is come canned claptrap that doesn’t come close to addressing the dangerous reign of Trump. We have been purchased by the Russians,and we need strong voices to get us through this terrible regime. Please find an accessible home for your words of wisdom. We miss you and your unpretentious words – thank you for everything and best of luck.

  4. Carey says:

    Your sense of humor combined with fairness was so intriguing to me. I sure miss your program. WCPT was downright idiotic to let you go. I do not listen to wcpt anymore. I will be looking for you on the waves kiddo.

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