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U.S. Military Must Root Out Nazis to Protect America



There is no such thing as a white nationalist. The media should stop repeating this fiction. There are only white supremacists. The term white nationalist is a slick public relations ploy invented to soften the image of Klansmen and neo-Nazis. The strategy is to grow their base of support by appealing to disaffected and angry white Americans, while disguising their true, nefarious intent by posing as patriots.

Many of the folks are scared and alienated and susceptible to seditious serpents that offer convenient scapegoats to explain away their personal failings. Why would any Democrat, liberal or member of the media aid and abet this effort by calling these fascists by their cynically crafted PR label? It’s utter madness to do their bidding in the false name of fairness.

Furthermore, the term white nationalist is inaccurate. It falsely asserts that this nation belongs exclusively to white people and everyone else is just visiting. The label also implies that this group loves this country and operates in the national interest. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Their behavior is not patriotic, it’s parasitic. They falsely wave our flag, while standing against everything it stands for. Real patriots believe in freedom, while this crowd supports fascism. We revere liberty, while they revel in lies. America is clearly a nation of diversity, while they peddle division. And America is about hope, while these subversive elements traffic in hate.

People of this ilk are always a threat. But they are especially dangerous and toxic when they infiltrate the Armed Services and don a military uniform. In a profoundly disturbing event, an Army unit, the 13th Airborne Corps glorified the Nazi commander and war criminal Joachim Peiper, on the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.

According to The Washington Post, the Army unit posted a glamorous, colorized photo of Peiper alongside an intimate narrative depicting the Nazi writing in his diary. The image was allegedly created by an artist who celebrates Nazi propaganda online. The photo was also shared on the Facebook pages for the Defense Department and the Army’s 10th Mountain Division.

This was one of the biggest battles of World War II. It was Hitler’s last desperate attempt to stave off imminent defeat, brought on by D-Day. Had America lost the Battle of the Bulge, it could have turned the tide of the war. And if that occurred, those of us not slaughtered in a global holocaust would be speaking German today. But, maybe that’s the outcome these particular service members preferred.

Perhaps, most disturbing, Peiper ordered the massacre of 84 U.S. prisoners of war during the Battle of the Bulge. Think about that for a moment: We have people wearing the United States uniform, being trained to kill with the lethal weapons of war, who are celebrating the Nazi slaughter of American service members.

So, mainstream media, stop selling me the fiction that these creeps are white nationalists. People who care about the nation don’t rejoice about American POWs being gunned down in cold blood by a Nazi war criminal. The proper and accurate name is white supremacists.

To exacerbate matters, according to The Washington Post, during Saturday’s Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia, two U.S. Military Academy cadets and a Naval Academy midshipman allegedly flashed the “okay” hand signal that has been co-opted as an identification sign by Nazis.

We should stop playing footsie with extremism. There is absolutely no place in the military for these traitors. Their very existence in a diverse military is bad for unit cohesion and destructive for morale. And we should never have to question which side an American soldier is on. If they stand for evil, they cannot be trusted, nor counted upon to fight for the common good and uphold the Constitution.

When a recruit signs up for the Armed Services, the Pentagon should conduct thorough background checks, including on social media. White supremacists and Nazi traitors are a unique threat to national security because they infiltrate and try to destroy us from within. They are also potential future domestic terrorists. Why would we spend taxpayer dollars to train them how to kill?

White supremacists must be rooted out of the military now, before they can create havoc, undermine the rule of law and inflict violence on the very countrymen they have disingenuously vowed to protect. If the Pentagon spent as much time hunting down Nazis as they used to spend hunting down innocent LGBT people, our nation would be safer and stronger.

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