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Wayne Besen takes on Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry

At a rabid, red meat Donald Trump rally, the candidate stood by and allowed a yahoo supporter to inaccurately call President Obama a Muslim (43% of Republicans believe this) and viciously attacked Muslim Americans.

In this episode of The Wayne Besen Show, Wayne takes The Donald and the GOP to task for encouraging and enabling bigotry.

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One Response to Wayne Besen takes on Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry

  1. bev gilmore says:

    Wayne- I have been listening to you since you took over the WCPT slot in the afternoon. I would like to congratulate you for your very informative and entertaining talk show format. Your intelligence, wit and humor come through loud and clear and it is a refreshing change from Jeff Santos (who I liked but you are so much smarter). Keep up the good work. This is going to get even more interesting with the election coming up and all the Republican rhetoric and Trump obcession. I will be listening. All the best, Bev

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