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Wayne Smacks Down Gay Republicans for Inflicting Trump on America

We’ve all heard of D-Day, but yesterday was G-Day. It was a full-scale attack by the Trump administration on gay people. The vicious assault came on three fronts.

The president banned transgender people from serving in our military. Trump’s justice department went out of its way to argue that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not protect LGBT people from job discrimination. And, the president appointed arch homophobe, former congressman and Kansas governor, Sam Brownback, as the nation’s Ambassador to “religious freedom,” which basically is a euphemism for allowing bigot business owners to not serve gay people by claiming it’s against their religion.

Once again, this is a pathological attack, from a sick president, on Obama’s legacy, which Trump is obsessively and systematically trying to erase.

But the real blame lies with gay Republicans. I hate to say “I told you so,” but I told you so. Look what you did to us. Look what you did to yourself. How many LGBT kids will commit suicide because of your thoughtless, self-centered actions? But, hey, who cares, maybe you’ll get a tax cut.

I’m sure you’re now going to cover your ass, and loudly claim nobody could have known.

But how could you not have known?

Was the writing not on the wall when the President was palling around with staunch LGBT foes, such as Mike Pence, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, and Jeff Sessions?

An astounding 81-percent of white evangelicals, the most anti-LGBT demographic, voted for Donald Trump. You really didn’t think he’d owe them —  and the price was our hides?

You really weren’t a wee bit concerned when Trump spoke at Liberty University and was endorsed by Jerry Falwell Jr.?

It didn’t raise eyebrows when Trump repeatedly said he was in favor of “religious liberty”?

Did it not concern you when every neo-Nazi and white supremacist group uniformly lined up behind Trump? Did you not notice that Trump stammered and equivocated when asked to criticize former Klan leader David Duke?

And how about that awful Republican Caitlyn Jenner? Her’s was quite a transition from reality – continuously burying her head in the sand to justify Trump’s outrageous, bigoted, sexist behavior?

We were so close to total and complete victory. We could have solidified our hard-fought gains by controlling the Supreme Court – but now it looks as though we may lose the court – and possibly our rights — for a generation. Suddenly, our full humanity and patriotism is questioned, and we are so disrespected that our military careers can be ended by a Tweet.

Most of these gay Trump voters were selfish white dudes who said: “Hey, I don’t have a pussy to grab, so Donald Trump can’t sexually harass me. I’m not Mexican or Muslim, so a travel ban or a wall won’t harm me.

But guess what? Today, Donald Trump and his self-righteous troglodytes did come for you. And you have nobody to blame but yourself. Shame on you.


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