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WCPT Announces ‘The Wayne Besen Show’, The Progressive Station’s First Live and Local Weekday Program

In a Critical Election Year, New Show to Cover Key Political and Social Issues

CHICAGO – Chicago’s Progressive Talk radio announced today it is launching “The Wayne Besen Show,” which will focus on local and national political issues. The new daily program is tentatively set to debut on Monday, July 20 and will air 2-5 PM on WCPT AM 820 and WCPT FM 92.5. It replaces Jeff Santos, a nationally syndicated talk show. The Wayne Besen Show can be heard nationally at

“Wayne will be at the center of the conversation on issues of importance and interest to all Chicagoans,” said Charley Gross, President of Newsweb Radio Company. “Whether discussing vital topics in Springfield, Chicago, or Washington, WCPT aims to be a leader in the critical debates and decisions that impact our lives.”

“I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to join our listeners in entertaining and informative discussions over the major issues that define our times,” added host Wayne Besen. “Chicagoans deserve top-notch local programming that addresses their daily needs and concerns and I am honored to be part of this effort.”

For the past year, Besen has been hosting “I’ve Got Issues”, 4-6 pm Saturdays on WCPT. Besen will substitute locally for vacationing Stephanie Miller, WCPT’s high-profile 8AM-11AM host, Monday June 22 through Friday June 26. Over the past year, Besen co-hosted WCPT’s 2014 Election special with Dick Kay. He has filled in locally for The Stephanie Miller Show and nationally The Norman Goldman Show, as well as made numerous appearances on “Out Chicago,” WCPT’s LGBT-themed program.

“Wayne’s long history in national advocacy will speak directly to Chicago’s LGBT community as part of WCPT’s Pride Radio Project. This includes “Out Chicago”, openly-gay morning host Stephanie Miller, and The Hal Sparks Show,” added Gross.



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8 Responses to WCPT Announces ‘The Wayne Besen Show’, The Progressive Station’s First Live and Local Weekday Program

  1. Dennis Skigen says:


    I’m Geoff Skigen’s dad, living in Chicago and saw your billboard. Just have to ask why if marriage is nothing more than a civil contract, why do people get all religious crazy about it? No one seems to address that fact which could take a lot of wind out of their sails…not that it will stop them, but it does restructure the discussion. Kudos on all you do. I’ll try to catch your show online.

  2. Cheryl Pomeroy says:

    The man that called in 10 minutes ago about Al Gore being hypocritical is wrong-headed, as you noticed.

    I would ask him what he thinks action on climate change means? He thinks NO one would fly on airplanes?? Of course not.

    It means that we TRANSITION to a world where all our “bad” fossil fuel behaviors gradually become smaller and smaller. We do this NOT by cap and trade but in the marketplace, by steady increasing the cost of carbon with revenues rebated to citizens.

    97% of economists — conservative and liberal — agree that the best way to transition away from fossil fuels is a fee and dividend carbon tax. (See Gary Becker and George Schultz, Wall St Journal, April 2014). The fee is charged to Peabody Coal, Exxon Mobil, etal. at point of extraction. The dividend (raised from the fee) is divided equally among households in the form of a monthly check (almost $400 per family of 4 at end of 10 years). The fee steadily increases for 10 years in the Citizens Climate Lobby legislative proposal.

    If your caller wants to DO something about decreasing CO2 emissions, he would call his congressman and tell him to sponsor this legislation and/or join Citizens Climate Lobby at It’s a non-partison group. James Hansen and George Shultz are on CCL’s advisory board, for example.

    The REMI study of 1 year ago shows that CCL’s proposal adds 2.8 million jobs in 20 years, stimulates our economy (GDP goes up), healthy problems go down, and CO2 emissions reduced by 52%. There is a border tax adjustment for imports to US that would push other nations toward adopting a carbon tax.

    I’m unable to be at phone right now but wanted to get this info to you.

    Have a great day. I enjoy your show!

    Cheryl Pomeroy
    Oak Park, IL

  3. Jena jones says:

    In Kankakee county a photo has come out of the republican state’s attorney candidate Ed Glazer dressed in black face. He dressed as tiger woods for Halloween and his wife as tigers wife. He also had a bloody face because his wife abused him. Several news affiliates have reported on it.

  4. Norm says:

    Wayne, America needs a great president, not a particular gender or race president. I’m black , we needed Obama to fight NAFTA like he promised, not push TPP like a mad man like he decided to do. We need a president that loves America enough to save American jobs, not export them and talk about their great retraining programs. Definitely read Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine ” Feel The Bern

  5. Stephanie Sarich says:

    I’m disgusted with the media for pre-coronating Hillary and trying to manipulate the race. Trump is right, the races ARE rigged. Now we’re being admonished to vote for Hillary because otherwise Trump will win. While I can’t stand Trump’s views on immigration or climate change, I agree with Susan Sarandon that Hillary’s hawkishness is even more scary. I don’t think Trump would actually appoint bad Supreme Court justices, because I don’t think he’s really a conservative, and I think he’d actually be better at trade and standing up to Wall Street.

    We’re not pouting. The entire system is BROKEN. And I’ve been involved all along, Wayne. Quit giving us your guilt trip, man.

  6. Ray says:

    URGENT!!!! You got to watch movie ” You,ve Been Trumped Too (2016) #FULL MOVIE on YOU TUBE. It’s about TRUMPS Golf Course in Scotland and the Lies he told to have it Built. If you really want to know what Trump will do , This is a Must Watch.

  7. Sylvia says:

    Our choice was so clear
    Hillary or Hell
    It has to be a horrible mistake, how can so many people be so stupid and choose the most unqualified person to run this beautiful country.
    This does not feel like the America that it was before he was elected. For blacks and Hispanics to vote for him, it is the same as putting putting a gun to their heads and the rest of their race. Including their own children. We are doomed!

  8. Greg says:

    Attempting to be Republican lite has been ruinous for the Democrats. The Wall St. Democrats are the reason we got the mess that is Obama care instead of Medi-care for all.

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