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Weekly Podcast, Season 2, Episode 5: Massacre at Colorado LGBTQ Bar Stuns Community

On today’s show, we begin with the horrific massacre at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado. The mass shooting highlights the impact of hate speech and violence in America, as well as the nation’s deadly obsession with guns.

Next, we discuss the superb Nancy Pelosi stepping aside as House Speaker, to likely be replaced by the supine Kevin McCarthy – a weak, spineless follower with a gaping hole in his soul. While the GOP ran on crime and the economy in the midterms, their post-election agenda is packed with bizarre circus acts, show trials and efforts to let rich donors get away with tax evasion.

We move to our political round-up. The gay app Grindr has gone public! Let’s hope the Cock Market, err, Stock Market is up! Next, we talk about how Elon Musk’s ultimatum to his remaining Twitter employees backfired. He said, “my way or the highway”, and they decided to hit the road.

The show explores the Baltimore Catholic Church, which called drag queens “evil”, but now stands accused of molesting more than 600 children. Talk about “groomers”! Meanwhile, a judge nixed Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ unconstitutional “Stop WOKE Act”, referring to it as “positively dystopian”.

We interview Equality Florida Executive Director Nadine Smith. She reveals her thoughts on why Florida turned ruby red in the midterms. She also addresses calls to boycott Florida for its mean-spirited, backward Republican policies.

Finally, we slam conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for working with extreme right-wing activists, while posing as an impartial judge. It appears that Alito told an anti-abortion activist the outcome of a “religious liberty” decision several weeks in advance. This is an ethical lapse so severe, that Alito should resign.

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00:00 Massacre at Colorado Gay Bat Stuns Community

04:27 Nancy Pelosi Steps Down

08:15 Weekly Roundup

15:07 Equality Florida’s Nadine Smith Interview

40:58 Justice Samuel Alito implicated in Leaking Hobby Lobby Decision

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