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William Barr’s Religious Extremism May Explain His Alarming Behavior


Everyone keeps asking the question: Why would Attorney General William Barr knowingly, willingly and enthusiastically disgrace himself and irreparably trash his reputation? If you are trying to figure out Barr through merely a traditional political lens, you may be missing the big picture. What truly animates and motivates Barr is his far right wing religious worldview.

In this episode of The Wayne Besen Show, we closely examine William Barr’s notorious culture war speech at Notre Dame, where the Attorney General reveals himself to be an extremist ideologue with a radical agenda. Barr wants to abuse his position to turn back the clock, impose his religious beliefs on the country and exploit his power to punish secular and LGBT Americans.

It’s worth considering that Barr may be loyal to Trump insofar as he sees the president as a useful idiot. Trump is likely a mere Trojan Horse that Barr exploits to force his religious views onto all Americans. It’s time the media brings Barr’s potential religious motivations into the discussion. We can’t know for sure if Barr’s twisted view of faith is responsible for his unholy actions against the American system of justice and the rule of law. But it is certainly a more plausible explanation for Barr’s dishonest words and unpatriotic actions than the current, incoherent excuse, that Barr was somehow magically mesmerized by Trump into professing unflinching loyalty at the expense of his name and reputation. Based on the evidence, something else, much more sinister, may very well be driving this diabolical man.

Take a look at the evidence and YOU decide.


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