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Niece of ‘Ex-Gay’ Activist Christopher Doyle Supports His Ex-Wife’s Claim of Spousal Abuse and Calls Him ‘ill’

Allie Doyle Believes That Christopher Doyle is Still Gay ‘And Won’t Admit It’  

Truth Wins Out released a major investigation on October 5, which revealed notorious “ex-gay” activist Christopher “Snake Oil” Doyle was credibly accused of abuse against his now “ex-wife” Sherry Montgomery, her mother and his children. He was arrested for assaulting Sherry’s mother in Florida, resulting in two protective orders.

The information was gleaned from records we obtained at the Loudoun County Circuit Court in Leesburg, Virginia. In response to our investigation, Doyle desperately tried to have his court records sealed, but his effort to hide his ignominious behavior from public view was rejected by the court.

This week, I interviewed Christopher Doyle’s niece, Allie Doyle. She had previously been very close to her uncle and had a strong relationship with Sherry. Allie imparted that she believed Sherry’s version of events regarding the divorce and the abuse she allegedly endured. Allie said of her uncle, “he’s ill, there is something wrong. This type of behavior is not acceptable. It’s not okay.”

Doyle is a licensed therapist and the Executive Director of the Institute for Healthy Families, which is promoted as “a non-profit Judeo-Christian therapeutic organization in the Washington, D.C. area.” Allie said she believes that Doyle is unfit to help families considering his own personal brokenness. “You can’t give advice to people for a healthy family when your family is literally in shambles. You’ve got to work on yourself before you can work on other people.”

As a refresher, what I discovered in the divorce records was profoundly disturbing, with his now ex-wife alleging that Christopher was a verbally and physically abusive husband who sometimes terrorized his own family. According to his ex-wife’s Counterclaim (Aug. 24, 2020):

Throughout the course of the marriage the Husband has committed acts of mental cruelty and physical cruelty towards the Wife, with the said act being successive, cumulative and increasing in intensity during the last few years.

The Husband would become enraged, often times about the Wife’s refusal to have sexual relations with him. When in a state of rage he would berate her and verbally abuse the Wife and at times batter her by shoving or striking her.

In the most eye-opening section of the divorce papers, Sherry accused her ex-husband of placing their children in danger.

On June 21, 2020 the Husband became enraged and grabbed two of the children by the throat and threw them up against his motor vehicle. One of the children stated, “Dad, you’re hurting me” in distress while he was being choked. The Wife had to intervene and slowly and gently lower the Husband’s hands as to not enrage him further.

In the most bizarre part of the divorce filings, Christopher Doyle appears to be having an unusual relationship with a fellow “ex-gay” activist and a client of his, Charles “Chuck” Peters. Peters is best-known for his 2013 speech where he led an hilarious chant in Washington, DC, “Hip, Hip, Hooray for Ex-Gays.” The records revealed a strange text message exchange between the two men.

Chuck wrote, “Daddy, Daddy” repeatedly, followed by “I love you” eleven times, interspersed with smiles and heart emojis. Christopher replied, “Thanks BuBu can you pick me up in New Smyrna Beach next Wednesday before the retreat starts?”

There are several additional text messages where the conversion therapist and his client/research assistant express their love, with Chuck calling Christopher “Daddy” and Christopher calling Chuck “Boo Boo” or “BuBu.” (The different spellings are likely from speech prediction in voice texts)

In my interview with Allie Doyle, she confirms that Chuck and Christopher held hands outside a Barnes & Noble bookstore. “I am LGBTQ myself,” Allie revealed in our interview. “I think he is, and he won’t admit it.”

Doyle’s purported actions are stunning considering his prominent role in the broader “ex-gay” industry.

Doyle is the founder and clinical director of Northern Virginia Christian Counseling. Doyle created “Ex-Gay Pride”, is a former board member of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) and is frequently quoted in major media outlets including, Dr. Oz, CNN, USA Today and The Washington Post. Most recently, he made headlines unsuccessfully suing former Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) to overturn Maryland’s ban on “ex-gay” conversion therapy.

Doyle is the author of several books including The War on Psychotherapy: When Sexual Politics, Gender Ideology, and Mental Health Collide (2019) and The Meaning of Sex: A New Christian Ethos (2018). He was featured in a documentary, The Sunday Sessions, where he tried (and failed) to turn a gay client heterosexual. Doyle is the founder of multiple small “ex-gay” advocacy organizations including Voice of the Voiceless, which bills itself as “the only anti-defamation league for former homosexuals.”

Allie believes that Doyle is a narcissist and said of his combustible behavior, “It’s almost like Jekyll and Hyde. I don’t even recognize him anymore. I wish to every God in the universe he would recognize that what he is doing is not okay. He is ruining me, himself, his family and our family.”


Wayne Besen is the Executive Director of Truth Wins Out and the author of a new book, “Lies with a Straight Face: Exposing the Cranks and Cons Inside the Ex-Gay Industry.” Order Your Copy Now.

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