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The Wacky Views of Radical Vivek Ramaswamy

Republican businessman Vivek Ramaswamy is running for president. He’s a perfect example of how the GOP has become radicalized and gone off the rails.

Ramaswamy is so “out there”, that he wants to bomb Mexico and “annihilate” Mexican drug cartels to stop fentanyl from crossing our borders. Of course, doing so would be illegal because you can’t use the military for the purpose of civilian law enforcement.

But Ramaswamy is the latest so-called “constitutional conservative” who doesn’t follow the constitution and “law and order” Republican that only follows the law when it suits his agenda.

Then there is the problem that Mexico might fight back. Yes, we would defeat Mexico, but they are still capable of blasting San Antonio and Austin. Russia thought that Ukraine would be a two-week “special military operation” too. It didn’t work out that way.

Mexico could also retaliate by inviting China or Russia to open military bases on our southern border. Bet Ramaswamy never thought that through, did he?

Additionally, American military intervention did nothing to stop the export of cocaine from Colombia or heroin from Afghanistan. What makes Ramaswamy’s plan more effective than past drug war disasters—other than creating war on our previously peaceful continent?

Ramaswamy said on “Day 1”, his administration would shut down the Department of Education and eradicate teacher’s unions. Maybe the goal is to destroy education, so Americans would be too ignorant to understand the idiocy of his Mexico policy?

The New York Times says that Ramaswamy is portraying himself as a new face of “intellectual conservatism.” If this is “smart” conservatism, I can only imagine what the dumb version looks like.

Well, I don’t have to imagine, I could just go to BoBo’s website.

You cannot count Ramaswamy out, because he’s very rich, and prepared to spend over $100 million on his campaign. The New York Times says that confidence is Mr. Ramaswamy’s gift.

Let’s take this moment to remind viewers that the term “con man” is short for confidence man. The con seems to already be working on some Republicans. Bob Willis, a self-described “Ultra-MAGA Trump voter” in New Hampshire said:

“He seems like he knows what he’s talking about.”

Yes, he’s rich, looked me in the eye, and gave an impressively strong handshake. How could he be wrong?

Ramaswamy believes that there is a “a God-shaped vacuum in the heart” of America, being filled by the “secular cults” of racial “wokeism,” sexual and gender fluidity, and the “climate cult”.

He tends to reimagine history to fit his right-wing political narrative. According to The Times:

[His argument] that Black Americans did not secure their civil rights until they secured their right to bear arms made little historical sense, since the civil rights movement was predicated on nonviolence. Indeed, the arming of the Black Panthers led to a deadly government crackdown.

The Times reports that Ramaswamy accepts the established science that the burning of fossil fuels is warming the planet, but his answer is to “drill, frack, burn coal” and use more fossil fuels to pay for mitigation.

Isn’t that like accepting the science that sex causes sexually transmitted infections —but deciding that the solution is issuing free government passes to whore houses? Crazy town.

Ramaswamy is also against corporations speaking out on social issues like Black Lives Matter, voting rights and “E.S.G.” — environmental, social and governance investing.

To prove his ironclad commitment to the cause, he opened an investment firm that operates like a textbook definition of a sociopath. Ramaswamy’s company deliberately invests without regard to societal impact. It celebrates profit, even if it comes at the expense of people. Joe Camel would be so proud.

Just when you think the Republican Party can’t get worse, it somehow finds a way.



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