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Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn Appears on The Wayne Besen Show

Monday, November 14, 2016

Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn Says Immigration may be “First Confrontation” Chicago has with Trump

Quinn Supports Rahm Emmanuel’s Call to Keep Chicago a Sanctuary City and Says he doesn’t Expect Much from Gov. Bruce Rauner on this Issue

CHICAGO – Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) appeared on WCPT-AM 820’s The Wayne Besen Show today for an hour-long interview to discuss the elections. He said that he agrees with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to keep Chicago a “Sanctuary City” and said that the Clinton campaign should have focused more in economic issues.

In the interview, Quinn said that immigration might be “the first confrontation we have with a Trump administration.”

(1:04) “I think you have to stand for your values, Wayne. The mayors of New York, and Los Angeles are with us…I think we understand the importance of immigration and protecting the fundamental due process with respect to law. And I think we should resist Trump and anybody, federal Congress, if they try to change our fundamental values of welcoming others who come from another place….this may be the first confrontation we have with a Trump administration.”

When asked if Rauner should speak up in support of Emanuel on immigration, Quinn was skeptical and said the current governor offers “alibis” and doesn’t accomplish much.

(3:35) “Well, it’s one alibi after another for Rauner. In two years as governor, you have to scratch your head and ask, ‘what has he done?’ Not much other than hurt our state and make it worse than ever.”

Quinn commented on the outdated Electoral College:

(6:14) “This 18th Century system of an Electoral College. We have to ask why are we using it in the 21st Century?”

Quinn also discussed advice he gave Hillary Clinton when he met with her:

(6:58 )“The campaign obviously didn’t get the job done in winning the three states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania…I told Hillary Clinton one time I saw her during the campaign, ‘the most sensitive nerve in the body is the pocketbook nerve.’ That’s what Harry Truman said…and I think the campaign should have focused more on those economic issues.”

The Wayne Besen Show is live weekdays from 2-5 PM on WCPT-AM 820, Chicago’s Progressive Talk. It is also streamed live on

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