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Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza Blasts Gov. Bruce Rauner on WCPT’s The Wayne Besen Show


Mendoza 124 Illinois prison nurses get layoff notices
(14:32 – 15:54)

“Did you see what happened today with the nurses? The governor just sent out a letter notifying 100 nurses at Illinois prisons that they are going to be laid off and that their jobs are going to be privatized.”

“You’re going to pick on nurses? Seriously, what is wrong here? When I talk of lack of moral compass, I mean, this is like the first group you are going to pick on are 100 nurses that work in Illinois prison? Think of that. Is it Nurses Day? I’m just wondering because he seems to make his cuts…he cuts funding for autism on World Autism Day. He vetoes a bill that helps working moms on Women’s National Day. I wonder if today happens to be Nurses Day? It would be so fitting that he would lay off 100 nurses to privatize their jobs on a day that we should be celebrating them. We should be celebrating nurses every day. And we just see where they governor has his priorities and this is horrible…Call the governor, flood his lines, tell him to stop picking on the nurses and just do his job and introduce a balanced budget and work in good faith with the legislature to get the job done.”

Mendoza on Rauner’s “Morally Corrupt” Policies
(4:25 – 4:30)

“His policies are not just morally corrupt, they are fiscally unsound.”

Rauner is Machiavellian

“Nobody can get inside this guy’s head…He’s so Machiavellian, it’s like, wow.”

Mendoza on Rauner’s ‘Sick fixation’ on destroying unions and wants to be “Scott Walker Plus”
(11:28 – 11:58)

“He’s made no secret pit of the fact that he has such disdain for people in organized labor. But I truly believe he doesn’t care one iota about the health, the fiscal health of this state or its moral health. He just wants to go down as the guy who broke organized labor in Illinois. He wants to be Scott Walker Plus…I would say it’s a sick fixation [on destroying organized labor].

Mendoza on Rauner Trying to “Stash Cash” and “hoarding money” for a Potential Government Shutdown
(1:19 – 1:48)

“He’s claiming there is a conspiracy against him, in which he blames me for being part of, trying to shut down government. Nothing could be further from the truth. What he’s doing is actually squirreling money away or trying to stash cash in funds, special funds that should be deemed spent for special purposes. He’s been basically hoarding money in special funds he doesn’t want me to touch as comptroller, in order to be able to withstand a budget shutdown…I think it’s part of his initial plan all along.”
Mendoza on Rauner’s wish for her to harm the state’s most vulnerable people than use his special fund

“He would rather I take money away from them [folks in nursing homes, sick children, literally the most vulnerable people in the state] to give it to these state employees when there are funds that he’s been sitting on that have millions of dollars in them.”

Mendoza Says there is a new comptroller and if Rauner doesn’t like it, “Too Bad”
(4:30 – 4:40)

“There is a new comptroller. Thank you to your audience for, I hope, voting for me and sending me to here to fight for them and be a fiscal watchdog. The governor doesn’t like it but, you know, that’s too bad.”

Mendoza says Rauner is a “big bully” who doesn’t like being told “no
(5:14 – 5:36)

[Rauner] clearly doesn’t like to be told ‘no’. He doesn’t like to be told no by me. And it’s so condescending to say that I can’t stand up for myself and speak for myself…the only person who tells me what to do is my mother, and she’s telling me to stand up to this big bully…”

Mendoza says she is “not scared” of Rauner and despite his money she won
(7:35 – 7:48)

“I’m not scared of him. I don’t think in his wildest imagination that I wouldn’t be scared of him because people are so scared of his money. He spent $10 million to beat me and I still won.”

Mendoza: There is a new fiscal watchdog in charge and it’s a different day

“There us a new fiscal watchdog in charge of the comptrollers office. It’s not controlled by the governor anymore. This is an unfamiliar situation for him. The comptrollers office had ipso facto been merged with the governor’s office over the last two years. It’s a different day.”

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