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President Joe Biden will be Reelected Barring an Unforeseen Calamity

Joe Biden is running for re-election. He has my vote – and I predict he’s going to win. In his campaign video Biden said:

“The question we are facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom. More rights or fewer.”

Biden is clearly drawing a vivid contrast with Republicans who only seem capable of nominating an extremist – with the most likely scenario a rematch with disgraced, twice-impeached president Donald Trump.

If Biden and Trump go head-to-head, it would be the first time that the same nominees faced each other in consecutive presidential races since 1956, when Dwight D. Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson for the second time.

Republicans are nuts if they nominate Donald Trump. What has Trump done to attract moderates since leaving office? Unless you think getting fingerprinted in jail for botching a hush payment to a porn actress is going to help win over suburbanites. Or dining with anti-Semites and white supremacists will help in swing districts.

In the same way Americans preferred “No Drama Obama”, they will vote for again for “No Batshit Biden”, contrasting him with the insane policies and pathologies that come with the chaotic Donald Trump. A New York magazine article captured the potential race in a headline: “Old Beats Crazy”.

Any potential Republican presidential candidate will have to contend with the albatross of abortion. Wacky right wing zealots in the GOP will force any GOP nominee to embrace the most radical position on reproductive freedom. This alone will likely cause any potential Republican to lose to Biden. This issue is so fundamental to winning, that I think the Democrat’s slogan for 2024 should be “Abort the GOP”.

Indeed, abortion is even dividing Republicans in traditional GOP bastions. In South Carolina, Sen. Sandy Senn (R) helped undermine a strict abortion ban, comparing it to a bill out of “The Handmaid’s Tale”.  She and other wavering Republicans were sent plastic spines by anti-choice activists with notes urging the recipients to “grow a spine.”

In Nebraska, 80-year-old Republican Sen. Merv Riepe helped stall an abortion bill because he was uncomfortable with a six-week ban that might not provide women enough time to realize that they are pregnant. The GOP’s abortion extremism, attacks on LGBTQ equality, aggressive efforts at voter suppression and hostility to addressing climate change will energize the youth vote. In The Atlantic, David Frum explained the importance of young voters to Democrat’s prospects in 2024:

In 2018, 36 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds turned out, the highest level recorded. Their votes helped change control of the House. Turnout of this cohort in 2022 finished second only to what it had been in 2018, and those votes altered the political complexion of many state legislatures.

The state that had the highest youth turnout in 2022 was Michigan—not so coincidentally, the state where Democrats scored some of their biggest gains, flipping both chambers of the state legislature from red to blue.

The most powerful argument in favor of Biden running again is the advantage of incumbency. The New York Times reported: Across more than 230 years of American history, 26 presidents have run for re-election after a full term and only 10 have lost. A mere four have lost in the past century. Those unlucky four were Herbert Hoover in 1932, Jimmy Carter in 1980, George Bush in 1992 and Donald J. Trump in 2020.

In the case of Hoover, he caused the Great Depression and presided over prohibition, which was very unpopular. The first President Bush famously said, “Read my lips, no new taxes”. Then Bush was elected and raised taxes, upsetting conservatives. He led the country into a recession and independent Ross Perot got 19% of the vote, possibly handing the election to Bill Clinton.

Jimmy Carter lost because of the Iran hostage crisis and a stagnant economy with 8% unemployment. Trump was defeated because of his polarizing personality, combined with disastrous Covid polices that caused more than 200,000 American deaths on his watch.

Without some unforeseen calamity, history is on Joe Biden’s side, and this makes him the Democrats safest bet.

Finally, Joe Biden is a consequential president with real accomplishments to show the American people. Here is an example, in The New York Times, of how Biden’s forward-thinking policies are jumpstarting America’s economic future.

In an effort to make electric vehicles more affordable, last year’s Inflation Reduction Act included tax credits that give American automakers like General Motors and Tesla an advantage over foreign competitors. A total of $135 billion in government funds will be directed to vehicle electrification and new factories.

In the same way he’s helping the electric car industry, Biden is greatly expanding bringing microchip and semiconductor factories back to the U.S. Biden passed an $1 trillion infrastructure law to rebuild airports, bridges, ports and roads, while Trump embarrassed himself with numerous infrastructure weeks that became a laughingstock. Plus, his sabotage of key safety regulations continues to haunt the nation’s rail system.

Biden stood up to Putin’s aggression in Ukraine and reinvigorated NATO. Meanwhile, Trump, kissed Putin’s ring.

Other Biden accomplishments: A $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package; significant investments to counter climate change, decreased prescription drug costs for senior citizens, and medical treatment for veterans harmed by toxic burn pits.

Biden is a statesman who has achieved significant victories for America. He deserves a second term. Especially, when all the Republicans offer is the return of the political toxic burn pit known as Donald Trump.

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