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Travel Law Shows That Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is Too Paranoid to be President


Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to hide his travel schedule from Florida taxpayers. What is he afraid of?

To shield his travel logs, the governor had his Republican sock-puppet legislature pass a bill. It conceals his whereabouts and denies access to his travel records. Politico reports that the House approved the bill 84-31, four votes above the two-thirds threshold needed to enact a public records exemption.

The governor’s sycophantic allies bizarrely justified the unnecessary and unseemly travel shield as a security measure. They painted a portrait of DeSantis as a scaredy-cat politician under siege, who must sequester himself from public examination as a matter of protection. DeSantis ally Rep. Jeff Holcomb, said:

“This is truly a simple bill that is about safety and security. This bill is necessary because our senior state officials receive threats and death threats all of the time.”

Politicians in both parties must deal with threats, but they don’t hide their travel schedules. I’d like to know why Ron DeSantis is thinks he’s special and under a greater threat level than more transparent lawmakers.

Democrats in Tallahassee pointed out that travel records were open when Jeb Bush was Florida’s governor, even though he was the brother of President George W. Bush during the Sept. 11 attacks.

Jeb Bush was theoretically a significantly greater target than DeSantis. If this isn’t disturbing enough, DeSantis also started his own personal state militia for protection.

Given this Herculean effort to conceal his travel, combined with his own private army, it appears that Ron DeSantis is too paranoid to be President of the United States. He also needs an urgent mental health evaluation to remain Florida’s governor. Something is seriously wrong with a guy who sees dire threats behind every nook and cranny. The state of Florida needs to give him a check-up to make sure he’s okay.

The claim of “security” also falls flat when the bill retroactively refuses access to information for past trips that have nothing to do with protection.

Perhaps, there is a time machine where the evil plotters in DeSantis’ wild imagination could go back into the past to target the governor on his foreign junkets?

This latest move also brings into question why DeSantis, who appears to be terrified of his own constituents, has loosened gun laws in Florida. In April, DeSantis signed a Republican bill that allowed Floridians to carry concealed guns without a permit.

It seems incongruous and peculiar that the governor would loosen gun restrictions, then expeditiously move to hide his whereabouts to avoid threats from armed Floridians. The governor also believes that ‘good guys with guns’ are the answer to ‘bad guys with guns’. Well, he’s surrounded by a crack team of heavily armed, well-trained ‘good guys’. So why would he consider his personal security in jeopardy unless he doesn’t believe his own rhetoric on firearms?”

The latest move also raised the possibility that DeSantis is not crazy, he’s simply corrupt. Politico reports:

DeSantis just returned from a week-long international trip that took him to Japan, South Korea, Israel and the United Kingdom. That trip was organized through Enterprise Florida, the state’s economic development arm, and is supposed to be financed through private donations.

Flight tracking records show that DeSantis used a chartered jet for the trip — an expense that could run as much as $10,000 an hour but Enterprise Florida so far has not answered questions about why the governor needed a chartered jet.

Something doesn’t smell right in Florida. Clearly, something is amiss. DeSantis autocratic move to shield his travel undermines open government laws, disrespects taxpayers, makes him appear severely paranoid and is the latest example of how Republican rule is wrecking Florida’s future.

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